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Double Component Ploysulfide Sealant


Input Date::[2008/12/30 5:45:48]    From:Geosyntech Co.,Ltd.


GST two-component ploysulfide sealant is a two-component water proof material which is singly packed and solidifies under ambient tempreture.it is also called sealing paste because it is a paste.the ploysulfide sealing paste is is based on liquid polysulfide rubber,with addictive of various chemical assistants and ploymer material,processed with special synthesis procedures.it is a perfect poison-free water-proof sealing material.it features good aging resistance and water resistance,adhesion and elasticity.it could maintain good physical ,chemical performance under codition of continous stretching,vibration and tempreture change.It has good adhesion to many metal and non-metal materials.


It is applicable for the water proof sealing,crack repairing and corrosion proof and water prof by coating for concrete deformation joints such as expansion and settlement jionts in construction including irrigation works and municipal engineering,undergroud structures (tunnel ,subway ,pipelines for water supply and drain),high-grade highway ,airprt runway,swimming pool and water storage pool ,and for building nodes,expansion joints and construction joints inassembly type buildings.

3. The main technical indexes :

No Item Unit Index
1 Density g/cm3 1.6-1.7
2 Adaptation period h 2-6
3 Tack-free time≦ h 24
4 Bleeding index≦ 4
5 pheology   Smooth and even
6 slump≦ Mm 3
7 Low temperature flexibility≧ -30
8 Maximun tensile adhering strength ≧ MPa 0.2
9 Maximun elongation % 300
10 Elstic recovery % 80


(1)Making the base surface clean ,dry and oil free.
(2)Adhering atain preventing tape on both sides of deformation joints to keep both sides from staining.
(3)Full mixing component a(basic sealing past,yellow)and component b (solifier ,black)in proportion of 10:1 in the container;also acceptableto make the mixtures in proper proportion of 10:0.8-1.2 based on weather change.generally the mixing shall be conducted for more than five minutes if mechanical mixing is adopted.
(4)Filling the ploysulfide sealing paste into the joints with scrapers and scraping it even .generally the paste is filled in two steps,with the first step of scraping the paste onto both side of the joints,and second step of filling the joint and scraping it .the paster gun may be ulilized ,the conpactness shall be checked upon completion of construction ,and then the scraper used the tear off the stain-proof tape .
(5)The prepared paste shall be used within two hours,and otherwise it will gradually solidify and cause difficulty to the construction.
(6)It shall be kept from water and rain within 24 hours upon completion of construction.

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