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Polyester Fiber for Bitumen Concrete Reinforcement


Input Date::[2007/6/9 8:11:09]    From:Geosyntech Co.,Ltd.


 PET Fiber For Bitumen Concrete Reinforcement.pdf

GeotecTM Polyester Fiber For Bitumen Concrete Reinforcement


After the polypropylene fiber successfully used into the cement concrete ,polyester fiber is a new-developed engineering material in recent years.With polyester as its raw material, the fiber is produced through adding some functional additive,by plastic  melting,extruding,high-ratio stretching and special surface disposal.And shaped by cutting with special machine Its appearance is beam-like structure with many monofilament fiber collecting.

Besides the small thinness,high tensile strength and easily scattering,polyester has good heat-resistance.It can be used in hot-mixing bitumen concrete projects and reinforced crack-resistance for high-tensile concrete,so it is an ideal multi-functional reinforced material.

According to the testing report by  many authorized organizations,the polyester fiber's main technological performance indexes all reach the advanced level of the same products in the world.


[Technical Specification]


Raw material


   Fiber Length


 Fiber dia




 Fiber strength


   Melting Point


 Tensile strength


  Flaming Point


 Crack elongation


 Acid &Alkali Resistance



[Functions of polyester fiber]

1.Prevent early crack of concrete and effectively resist reflection crack;


2.Improve the stability in high temperature


3.Increase the crack-resistance in low temperature;

4.Increase the fatigue-resistance;


5.Improve the flexibility ,seepage-resistance,wear-resistance and stability in water;


6.Prolong the life span



Amount Added

1.New built bitumen road;

1.Applied for High-grade Road Transportation day & night  Added amount(kg/per ton bitumen mixture)

2.Recovery of old bitumen road layer;

       <3200                 1.2

3.Repair of old cement road layer;

       3200-85000         2.3

4.Defect maintenance of road surface;

       >85000               3.5

5.Reinforced crack-resistance of fine aggregate high-tensile concrete project;

If there are more heavy vehicles, the added amount should be improved one grade¡£

Ratio design

2.Applied for Paving Bridge

No change about the ratio original
bitumen mixture.

Wear layer 3.5kg/one ton bitumen mixture

Feeding and technical processing

Air membrane layer 2.3kg/one ton bitumen mixture

Put aggregate and polyester fiber into the mixer together,and stir 30s without water,then put bitumen stirring  for 30s with water in order to make them  mixing completely.

3.Shaping and maintenance
No special requirements and no subsdiay equipments


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