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Uniaxial Geogrid


Input Date::[2008/11/5 20:33:12]    From:Geosyntech Co.,Ltd.


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GeotecTM Geogrid

Uniaxial Geogrid/HDPE,PP

[Product description]

GeotecTM Uniaxial geogrids are made of macromolecule polymer by the process of being stretched out, formed into lamella, punched regularly and then longitudinal elongated, which enable macromolecule formed into a oriented, lineal, equably distributed uniform ellipsoidal reticulation with intensive node which have higher tensile strength and tensile modul. It should be especially noted that we are able to supply those products with 2 percent to 5 percent tensile rate and a at least 150 Mpa tensile strength so as to give soil a perfect standing and diffusing chain system which enable us be the world leading manufacture in this aspect. These products can be used as reinforcing concrete materials for all kinds of soil.


GeotecTM Uniaxial geogrids are compositional materials for civil engineering with high intensity which be widely used for embankment, tunnels, docks, roads, railways and other constructional fields and their main usages are as follows.
1.Consolidate road foundations and distribute the load effectively. By these means, the road foundations may have a better stability, endurance and a longer life.
2.Help road foundations to bear protean heavy loads.
3.Avoid granular base loss and cracking.
4.Enhance self-load of filled soil behind the slopes and distribute the pressure of slopes as well as reduce the cost of construction and maintenance but increase its lifespan.
5.Servicing slopes by fusing concrete allow to save investment by 30 percent to 50 percent as well as to shorten the period at least by 50 percent compared to tradition un-reinforced ones.
6.Asphalt road take advantage of these products can reduce rut and reflective cracking by 3 to 9 times as well as structural thickness of up to 36 percent.
7.Be used in all kinds of soil without getting distant material, which can greatly shorten construction lifespan.
8.Greatly reduce the cost of construction with its simple and rapid characteristics.